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Oct 16, 2012 5:00am EDT
hissfaith, he gone. fans aae reacting to this news as on our acebook page... doug smith writess you are the we know our presence on the hope it is a complete recoveryy recovery.walt brown says- we every positn, get well ray, see you in the superbowl suuprbowlthere is questions as to whether suuday's ggme against the cowboyy will be likely haal of fame word from lewis on thht... and harbbught declined commenttit was his 17th eason with the n- f-l. with lewis out... dannell ellerbe will sttp in.hear ffrm him coming up next half hour. llvv from m & t bank staaiumm i'm megan gilliland, fox45 mmrning nees. a teenage boy is recovering it happened just after sevee - o'clock last night on wharton court... right off of east monuuent treet.the vvctim is &pexpecced toobe o-k.police don't hhve a suspect or motive in the hooting. last night's shooting camm on the heels of a violent weekend responded to eiiht separrte sho pizza delivvry river... allng with a high schooler. 19-year-old ta-shawna jones... a tuddnt at harbor city high... died.officers are now asking for your he
Oct 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
are reacting to this news on our facebook doug smith writes- you are the best ray.. all wwll miss you. we know your presence on the recovery.walt brownnsays- we every position, get well ray, see you in the superbowl ssperboolthere issquestions ass to wheeher sunday's gamm againss the cowboyy will be the ffnal game of rayylewis' liiely hall of fame ccreer.nn word from lewis on that... and harbaught declined was his 17th season with the n- ffl. with leeis out... dannell pllerbe will step in..ear from live from m & t bankkstadium, i'm megan gilliiand, fox45 ptadium, i'm live from m & t - bank stadium, i'm megan pilliland, fox45 morning news. that brings uu to oor question of the day.can the ravens mmke ray lewissand lardarius webb? we'll takk your calls in you can alss go to .- fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think... sounddoff through acebook or send us aa tweet.. at foxbaltimore. a teenage boy is recovering this morninggafter being shot in the leg in east baltimore. it happened juut after seven expected to be o-k.police on don't have a suspect or mot
Oct 16, 2012 9:00am EDT
page... doug smith writes- you are the best ray.. all will miss you.. we know your presence on the sidelines will be important. &phope it is a complete recover. &precovery.walt brown says- we have good replacements aa see you in the superbowl. several sick calls short of bus driverr... leaving students stranded without a safe wwy to gee to ss. county school fficials say four bus drivers who ttke studenns to forest heights elementary called out sick ann they couldn't finddenough substitutes tt cooer all the dddn't go ut to them...aaed instead the principal cruised the neighborhood... telling kids to meet him at a restaurant.. forcing them to so he couud escort hem o .. - school. highway and also audrey lanee 3 is a usy intersection. and anything could happpn. my baby pould have been hit... shee couud have been snatched... anything." school officials issued a statement sayyng... theyy develooed plan tt ensure that these issues do not &preoccur ann they are in the process of hiirng addiiional bus ddivees to fill the vacancies. from national security to your facebook age.... online thr
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am EDT
. dollarss.t krispy kreme....iff yoo dress up... you get a free hhlllween or pumpkin spicc doug. outbackk today.anddat sonic... they have a ""-i-p hunger" deal. today. cent orn dogs alllday - -3&&p coming up... images f devastation... piling up in wake.the stranneesight captured on one new york're waaching fox 44 morning. g news.. all ocal.. a ((break 4)) 3 & wednesday, october 31st. 3 3 map 395 maa 3 3 as power returns to residentt here in maryland... ittsheds light on thh damage sandy left behind... from flooded basements to toppled trees. trees.megan gilliland is streaming now in glen arm this morning where annelddrly man says e's just lucky toobe good morning guys,89-year old robert mcclary says he's seen a lot of storms in the roughly 50 years he's ived here... look at hat's left of this hom. can seeehis roof was crushed by trees... in three places... on the left side of is home.amazingly robert just happened to e on & more grateful for.uldn't be - it, he kitchen is right theee in the mass of the trees""this amount of amage is he worstt th
Oct 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
matchup of doug fister, the right-hander tomorrow night in game two. against madison bumgarner. who is 0-2 this post season. here is a 1-1 pitch. 2-1. giants lost game one of their division series here at home to the reds. lost game one of the nlcs here at home to the cardinals. the count goes to 3-1. one outy from a victory in game one of the world series before this home crowd. ramon santiago on deck. two-out, nobody on. strike two on avila. zito tonight, 5-2/3, one run on six hits. barry is one strike away from his first world series victory. breaking ball, fouled back. joe: a 3-2 is high. two-out walk. now ramon santiago will come off the bench. and bruce bochy will stay with kontos? the answer is no. trying to get george kontos going. he comes in, allows a single, homer, two-out walk. affeldt coming in to try to end game one of this world series. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. whthe ol' beef 'n cheese.h? yeeah, with bacon... portabella mushrooms... all hot-n-melty... so, wendy's? wendy'
Oct 1, 2012 10:00pm EDT
without it.[[ take sotruns=0013:28:533(taae sot)) doug: ""nce my mother-in-law went on facebook, i knew it had gone universal."((take vo)) doug haddix at ohio statt teaches professionals how to be social media saavy.((take sot))doug: "success is more people to post things for you." ((take vo))which the obama campaign did well in the ''8 election..((take graphic))on the faceeook front - romney is making a run..but as of this minute ---obaaa hhs more than 29 million likes.. romnee - plosing in on 8 million. ((take vo))there are dueling online contests.. you can win dinner with the president or go 'on board with mitt' joining him on the ccmpaign trail..your preference may depend on your party..((ttke sot))guu: "i'd fly with mitt probably.."((take sot))girl" "dinner with obama."((take pay rightt.yeah think he'd pay."((take sot))mikk: "strategies that gather followers,,but the candidates &pmust o beyond just etting somebody to click like."(((ake sot))doug: "more importantly and vote.."((taae grapic))if twitter werr the vote - the president would win reelectiin. he's got mmre than 20 mil
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6